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Service, quality and innovation are our top priorities

We are an independent technical systems consultancy agency. It is our pleasure to be your partner for building-related projects. Our people’s expertise can be deployed in all phases of the construction process, from strategy to design, through implementation and follow-up. Service, quality, innovation and reliability are the top priorities in every phase of the process.

Sustainability and practical usability
Through the years, our team has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience while working on challenging projects for leading clients. In partnership with our clients, we focus on the sustainability and practical usability of building systems, in a manner compatible with corporate social responsibility. Our work includes both consultancy and service, and we use various contract forms, including UAV and UAV-GC (Dutch Uniform Administrative Conditions/Dutch Uniform Administrative Conditions – Integrated Contract).

Full-service solution
Our aim is to provide a full-service solution and a firm foundation for our clients. Our service is characterized by:

  • Long-term partnerships and a high level of commitment
  • Practical and innovative solutions
  • Sharing knowledge and enjoying our work

You can rest assured that your project is in good hands with Winkelman Engineering & Consultancy.

Consultancy and design: a safe and healthy working climate

Properly functioning building systems contribute to a pleasant, healthy and safe working climate for you and your staff. As an owner or building manager, this benefits you greatly. Our team specializes in building systems consultancy and design. When advising on and designing systems, we always try to make creative use of existing resources. This allows for sustainable business operations while meeting the requirements of corporate social responsibility.

Engagement and commitment Before our team embarks on a consultancy or design assignment, we first discuss with the client to determine the requirements, framework and level of ambition that the final result must meet. We can draw on a wide range of solutions on which to base our advice, and can make a major contribution to simplifying considerations and decisions. We select the best combinations from the various solutions. The engagement and commitment of the client and other stakeholders are essential to this process. Our team will subsequently reduce the proposed system concepts to the most promising variants, while taking account of the financial and technical feasibility.

A non-hierarchical and very approachable organization with a high level of commitment

Willem Abbring – Construction and Building Systems Project Leader at ROC Noorderpoort

Technical and financial comparison
We base the technical comparison on factors such as the requirements and wishes with regard to functionalities, implementation options, expansion options, security of supply (back-up facilities), sustainability, and the generation efficiency of energy consumed. In the financial comparison, we consider the financial feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the variants. In the financial comparison, we determine the lifetime costs over a period of X years, the internal rate of return (IRR), the simple payback period (SPP) and savings-to-investment ratio (SIR) for each variant.

Based on the technical and financial comparison, we advise you on the most optimal variant. Our expert HVAC technical consultants subsequently develop these variants further.

Management and supervision: extension of clients’ organizations

During construction, we are generally an extension of our clients’ organizations. Monitoring the design, quality and budget is essential to make sure projects are successful. By taking a proactive approach, we make sure that implementation proceeds as efficiently as possible. Implementing multidisciplinary projects requires an extraordinary degree of attention and expertise.

Role of project leaders and supervisors
Our project leaders can set up your project organization, advise you on changes to contracted work, chair construction meetings, monitor the completion of construction phases, and handle all aspects of the project administration. Our supervisors monitor the quality of the implemented work, co-ordinate tasks between all stakeholders, and record all relevant details in weekly reports.

Strategy and policy: staying on track during the energy transition

Staying on the right track during the energy transition? We would be happy to offer you guidance at the strategic level. The correct strategy offers you a strong foundation for action. We would be happy to use our extensive knowledge and understanding of the ongoing climate transition to advise and support you in future-proofing your accommodation.

Optimal long-term working climate
Do you see the maintenance of your business premises as a necessary evil or as a smart investment? Alongside the economic benefits of maintenance and energy-saving measures for your organization, our goal is to make sure that your building has an optimal working climate for many years to come. In the coming years, many changes will occur: the transition away from natural gas, emission reduction technology, new legislation governing the emission and capture of CO2, subsidies, and mandatory energy labels. These changes demand a long-term vision.

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